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24Frames: Our intention is to pave the way for attainable filmmaking by introducing different sources in the field of cinema. In the article series “On Our Radar,” relying on the various mediums available, we try to examine the technical and artistic features of the big screen, in hopes of gaining a wider understanding of this art.


With the ever-growing popularity of video-sharing platforms, youtube and its counterparts have come into the forefront of online hosts for knowledge-related content and when it comes to cinema, watching is learning. There are many YouTubers that have dedicated their channel to providing in-depth analysis of filmmaking, whether it’s the technicalities or the essence of storytelling itself. Let’s clap the slate board and jump right in. Here are 5 youtube series that can guide film fanatics in better understanding of the film medium.




1. Strucci Movies: So You Wanna Be a Film Nerd


As a professional editor and film enthusiast, Shannon Strucci uses her youtube channel as a host for her various video essays regarding film making. As she herself puts it, her So You Wanna Be a Film Nerd series serves as a starting point for people who are curious about movies but need a little direction. In this 5 part essay, she highlights the importance of the history of film, studying the new waves of this art form, and any other feature that can help a beginner broaden their horizon when it comes to approaching movies.


Watch time: 54 minutes




2. Like Stories of Old: Archetypes


With Like Stories of Old, Tom van der Linden explores the connections between film analysis and life through in-depth video essays that range from gaining crucial lessons from stories to the distinctive philosophies of the greatest artists of the film screen. Through this 4 part series, he intends to inspect the archetypes of King, Warrior, Magician, and Lover based on Robert Moore and Douglas Gillette’s acclaimed book published in 1990.


Watch time: 45 minutes




3. Film Drunk Love: Scene Breakdown


The channel Film Drunk Love created by Goutham Gnanasekaran, mostly operated as an online podium for Scene Breakdown series in which he analyzed the techniques used in specific scenes of Hollywood movies such as Ex Machina. Although inactive since 2015, the series is still available and can act as a well-executed study of cinematic methods for cinephiles.


Watch time: 30 minutes




4. The Cinema Cartography: In Storytelling


Inspiring new ways of experiencing art is Cinema Cartography’s main purpose. Created by Lewis Michael Bond and Luiza Liz Bond, the channel provides a new perspective in critical examination of film making. Their In Storytelling series, delves into the effects of color, lighting, composition and editing in movies and how they can be used & altered to benefit the narrative.


Watch time: 76 minutes




5. Cinematyler: Making Film


Tyler Knudson has been in the film industry since the age of 5. Graduating from University of California with a Bachelor’s degree in Film and Digital media, Knudson started his channel in an attempt to take a comprehensive look into the construction of movies. His Making Film series is devoted to understanding how great movies are made, from adaptation and costume choices to direction and cinematography.


Current watch time: 5 hours



Written by Negar Fard

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