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24Frames: Today, on the fifth installment of the “Frames” article series, we have talked to “Arman Fayaz” about his cinematography work on the short film “Dispirited,” and we will be watching some frames of his choice.



Painting with Light

By Arman Fayyaz


Undoubtedly, what breathes life into cinematic images – regardless of composition, color, and story – is “light.” Light is the nature of cinema; An element that gives life to cinema. Our perception of lighting is directly related to how the underlying concepts of the film are understood.


“Dispirited” is the story of an old man whose loneliness is woven into the fabric of the house. His communication with his children is virtual, and the image he presents to them of himself is also fake. But the characteristic of the old house that the man has lived in for many years, with all its memories (like the meaning of the title Dispirited,) is a special thing that has the “soul” quality.


With the film’s director, Alaleh Izadi, we thought that each scene could be a canvas; Obsessively in the visual arrangement and finally inbreathe the soul with light. Processing shadows and brightness, shape and direction, and rate of radiation. I wanted the light to have a character like an impressionist’s painting brush; Such as works of Claude Monet.


The set design was done artistically by “Hossein Alinejad;” On flat ground and often portable. Because we needed to move the elements of the set in some moving scenes. We consulted with Hossein and Alaleh for hours in choosing the color and type of visual arrangement. For most of the scenes in the film, especially the final plan-sequence, we needed a lot of coordination; because in that five-minute long-take, night turns into day, and I wanted to make the night and eventually day during a long take plan, regardless of the ambiance light. So, for each tungsten lamp (3200 Kelvin), we take a daylight projector (5600 Kelvin) that dimmed after the camera passed through the shooting area, and finally, I had to get from the wide shot of the kitchen to the close shot of the window glass. All the elements in this plan were changing; From the stage and the setting to the make-up and most importantly the light (night turns into day.)


All of these tasks can only be achieved by having professional colleagues on the filming and stage team, make-up team, and finally directing. Cinema is definitely the most teamwork-requiring profession in the world.





Translated by Erfan Nazarianpoir

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