Friday 26 February 2021

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We’re proud to announce that as of today, the English version of 24 Frames News is officially up and running!


Our website consists of four sections: News, Articles, Academic, and In Conversation, in all of which you will find short-film-specific content.


With a persistent release of content, we are hoping to aid young filmmakers and cinema enthusiasts through the many stages of making a short film. Therefore, we will be putting extra focus and effort in our Academic category. We are proud to begin this endeavor with an extraordinary article that will be published in the coming days, so keep an eye out for that!


Additionally, the In Conversation section will be a platform to present not only avid Iranian filmmakers, but also to introduce many aspiring independent artists from around the world. We are planning to engage many filmmakers, to give them the voice they deserve, and to start thought-provoking conversations between artists globally.


If you are considering to help us on our path, whether you are based in Iran or any other country, there are many ways for you to do so: You can start by giving us a shout out, sharing us on social media, or just simply introducing us to a friend. If you share an interest in our mission, you can get in touch to join our editorial board, sending your inquiry to the email below:



We’re keen to be a reliable resource for all independent short filmmakers, and we hope to be of help to our community in these strange times we’re living in.


Raha Amirfazli

Chief Editor of 24 Frames News, English Version

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