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The director of the 3rd Globe International Silent Film Festival, Raha Amirfazli, talks about the importance of non-verbal filmmaking with the reporter of Mehr News Agency.


Raha stated: We are aiming to get filmmakers and film buffs around the world to realize the importance of non-verbal filmmaking, and how it can help their cinematic voice to mature; so, every year the Globe Festival travels around the world, being held in different academic environments in different countries. Our biggest challenge as an independent organization is to decide on the right academies as our host environment and to build trust and connection with them, and their students.


She then explained the selection process of the festival: The films in the competition section of this edition were supplied through two methods. First, as many other festivals, we received films on our online portals “Filmfreeway” and “Festhome”. More than 700 films were received on these two portals from which our selection committee, including Virgil Widrich, Fereshteh Parnian, Ruben Salazar, Vahid Mortazavi, and Hoda Esnaashari had selected 31 films to take part in the competition section. The second method was through Programming, which is a standard of film festivals nowadays. Our programmers have viewed many non-verbal shorts with successful festival circulation and had selected 18 films to take part in the competition section.


Raha explained about the festival’s funding strategies: As I mentioned, Globe is a completely independent festival being managed by film students, film buffs, and cinema lovers. We do not have governmental support. The previous editions of the festival were funded by the individuals running the festival and the host universities. So for the third edition, we are crowdfunding the festival on the Indiegogo website. Our campaign is now available, thanks to our Marketing Manager, Tahmineh Mansouri, and our Art Director, Armin Rangani, and it would be available until March 28, 2018.


She mentioned the screening process: After the festival’s main screenings in Wisconsin-Madison University in April, We are planning to have a second screening in Iran. Also, the “Silent Film Week” which is a side program of the festival, will be held in the Art University of Tehran, with the support of its Cinema Academic Association.


Finally, on the 3rd edition’s judging committee, Raha stated: Our belief is that the festival’s validity and credit come from its high-quality films, the quality of our Selection and Judging Committee. So, every year, put a careful effort into choosing each of our juries, so that the festival’s high standard would be maintained. In the last editions, we were pleased to have international faces in cinema with us in the judging committee such as Mahmoud Kalari, Dana Polan, Majid Eslami, Bahram Tavakoli, Mehrdad Oskouee, Negar Javaherian, Hayedeh Safiyari, Fatemeh Motamed Aria, Houman Behmanesh, Babak Karimi, Shahram Mokri, Majid Barzegar, and Payman Maadi. Also, in the current edition, we are honored to have a great combination of artists on board with us on the committee that will soon be announced on our official website and social media.


The 3rd Globe International Silent Film Festival will be held from April 21 to 29 at Wisconsin-Madison University in USA.

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