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Katayoun Parmar is an Iranian writer and director, graduated from the Art University of Tehran. She had been drawing the audience’s attention from her very first short film “Keshand”. Her films had been featured in many national and international film festivals. Below, you can find a short interview we did on her filmmaking process.


When did your filmmaking career?

I started film making when I was 19, but I was following Cinema with a passion since I was 15.


How did you know you wanted to be a director?

Well, it was in the process of making my first short “Keshand” that I knew I can turn a script to a film. It was my first attempt in filmmaking too, and also the hardest part one.


What do you like most about your job?

That’s a tough question, I think the first thing that makes me want to direct a movie, is that I like to give life to characters or pictures that come to my mind. Giving life to an abstract thought gives me much joy.


What do you hate most about it?

There is no such thing as hate in our job. But sometimes, the process is so hard that it makes you feel like you don’t want to do this anymore. But it’s only after a while that you can see, you are enchanted by it.


What is your procedure for directing actors?

Well, it’s different in each project for each actor. I actors are a crucial element of each film. Because they’re the only live element in your frame, so I prefer to have some rehearsal sessions before shooting. I also like to trust the actor’s potential too.┬áThe first thing that matters to me, is to make your actor believe and live in their character for a decent period of time. All in all, I need to make sure that their act will be right in the end. I believe rehearsal is key.


Do you read with your cast in pre-production? If so, what is your approach there?

Yes. Depending on the project, sometimes it takes a very long time and sometimes not. Because of the complexity of the Production stage, I think it’s always better to have pre-planned and solid pre-production.


What do you think of the Iranian Short Film Industry?

I think Short Films do have many followers in Iran. Also, Short Films can be a way for film students to showcase their visions and their different points of view, so that they could easily find their way to the professional film industry.


What is your opinion about the mainstream approach of minimalism that nowadays we can see in many short films?

As someone who always had her share of challenges in making minimal films, I can say it’s the hardest part of making a short. Because you don’t have enough time to showcase your character’s personality or introduce your cinematic world and rules, you should find other ways to do so. And I’m trying to solve this problem in my shorts.

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